What is it?

The German term “Bau-Biology” means “Building Biology” or “the relationship between buildings and life” and could be defined as:

the impact of the building environment on human health, and the application of this knowledge to the construction, or modification, of homes and workplaces, and the holistic interaction between human life and other life-forms with our environment.

Statement of Purpose

The basic purpose of Bau-biologie information is to help people to realize that health hazards exist in their homes and workplaces, and that ignorance of these hazards not only has an effect on their health, but in a wider sense, on the survival of this planet. More importantly, however, it tells people what to do to overcome the problems using much knowledge that has emerged in Europe over the past three decades.

About the Institute

Bau-BiologieIBE was founded in 1987 in Clearwater, Florida. Its main purpose is to educate, however, the application of the knowledge is an integral part of its activities. While the educational program offers home study courses to both professionals and lay people there are also intentions to practically apply the knowledge and create healthy homes.

To address the needs of those wanting their homes and offices evaluated for levels of electromagnetic radiation, indoor air quality, etc., IBE began a program to train Environmental Inspectors. The almost 50 graduates in North America include architects, electricians, builders, medical practitioners, home inspectors, engineers and many other environmentally concerned people. They are listed below.

In addition to these certified courses and classes, IBE provides other seminars such as “How Buildings Work”, “Bio-Harmonic Architecture”, “Feng Shui”, etc. Also offered to the public are consultations, speakers bureau, books, videos, instruments and a Resource Guide. Call for further information.

For more information on Bau-Biologie, please visit the Bau Biologie USA web site.