Breathing Wall

The Ultimate in Natural Health and Comfort for Your Family

Breathing wallsUsing conventional, modern construction techniques, the average modern home exchanges air with the outside environment only .5 times every hour. This low exchange ratio results in a build-up of stale air and potential toxins within every room of the home. Breathing wall building, however, allows complete air exchanges three times every hour. This extremely high exchange ratio allows toxicity to dissipate—right through the wall—ensuring fresh air with a minimum of potentially harmfully toxic buildup

At the cornerstone of the breathing wall system is a ceiling, wall, and floor design that combines with passive solar construction for wintertime heating, and draws upon the natural coolness of the earth for summertime cooling. This ensures a comfortable temperature in the home year-round, even with the continual exchange of inner and outer air.

The benefits are enormous. In winter, fresh, warm air is supplied to all rooms—without a heating bill. And in summer, a constant coolness permeates throughout, emanating upward from the earth, which maintains a constant temperature winter and summer. The quality of the heat and cooling, which de-ionizes the air, dehydrates the skin, and exhausts the immune system.

Few things are more important for you and your family than fresh, pure air. A breathing wall system will make a tremendous difference in the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of those you love.