Faswall Block

Faswall Block

This technology has been used in Switzerland for over 80 years, and today is considered one of the premier building systems in most of Western Europe.
Available in the United States under the FASWALL trademark, this technology is a permanent wall formed from compressed wood chips and cement. The material can be engineered for both above-grade and below-grade use, achieving R-values as high as R-39 above ground and R-17 below ground. The material is ¼ the weight of concrete, can be cut with an handsaw, and has full code approval. It has one of the highest acoustical values, fire ratings, and earthquake ratings of any commercial available material in the United States.
Of all innovative natural building materials, the FASWALL system has been the easiest to

Durisol Block

FASWALL Block House

adapt to conventional building skills. It’s also been the easiest to finance—with construction savings of up to 20 percent in time and 10 percent in overall wall construction costs.